These are the top cryptocurrency exchanges we suggest for people to use. It’s a good idea to have accounts set up for multiple exchanges so when an opportunity comes up you are ready.


Coinbase is your most basic online wallet and exchange. If you are new, start here. Buy or sell $100 worth of crypto and get $10 free.


Great if you are just holding. Very good policy on forks and a good referral program. Unfortunately a lot of the promotions and trading competitions are only for whales. Note: You can now buy crypto on Binance with a credit card.


This is my favorite exchange and the one I would most highly recommend for beginners. Make sure to follow their social media to earn rewards. Good referral program.


Not the prettiest website but it functions well. Has some coins I like that I can’t get elsewhere. I also really like the simplicity of placing limit orders on this site. Referral program.


If you like faucets and obscure coins, check out Crex24. You can claim from their faucets everyday and sell the coins you don’t want to keep. Has some coins that can’t be found elsewhere. Referral program.


Lots of good coins, some trading pairs not available elsewhere. Good referral program, regular airdrops.

Coming soon:
Digitex Futures, a new futures exchange with zero fees. Get $110 worth of DGTX for pre-registering., sign up, pass simple KYC, invite your friends, win prizes.

Check our Giveaways page to see if any exchanges are running airdrops.

Note: You should not store crypto on exchanges for long periods of time. Some exchanges have been hacked and customer funds have been lost.