One of the easiest ways to earn free cryptocurrency is by staking. When you stake a coin you earn rewards just for holding them. It’s a great way to get passive income. Some common proof-of-stake coins (PoS) are PIVX, XP and LUX coin. SHARDAX is a new exchange which gives you the ability to earn from proof-of-stake coins. Interested in a shared masternode platform? is a great service for shared masternodes in Denarius, ALQO, Bitcoin Green and more. Another good masternode service is

Kucoin Shares
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Another great way to gain passive income with cryptocurrency is by holding Kucoin Shares (KCS). Kucoin is an exchange that pays anyone who holds 6 or more KCS in their account. Kucoin uses 50% of the trading fees each day to purchase KCS to distribute to holders. Simply hold the KCS in your account and watch the rewards pile up!

Experience Points (XP)

XP is a proof of stake coin and requires a little work to get going, but we will show you the easy way. The official way is to download the wallet, get it synced (this can take multiple days) and then wait (often times for weeks or months) with little chance of getting a reward. It’s luck of the draw. We experimented staking 250k coins for a month and got no rewards. However, there is an easier way. Stake United is a staking pool where large pools get better rewards so smaller holders can be competitive. Stake United allows users to stake XP, PIVX, LUX and others. Sign up, use the faucet below, and you are staking as soon as the coins mature. Another good pool is

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Note: Faucet not always working.

Stake results from StakeUnited.

We got three rewards in our first four days! XP coin can be purchased on CoinExchange. You can also stake Reddcoin and many others.

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You can also earn some PIVX by signing up for The PIVX Fancorps and completing simple social media tasks. However, it’s a fairly inexpensive coin for all that it does. PIV stands for “Private and Instantly Verified” and it uses the Zerocoin protocol to be a proof of stake coin, even though it was forked from Bitcoin, which is proof of work (mined). To get started you need to download the PIVX wallet or you can also stake PIVX at Staking Lab. NEO is another coin available on Binance that gives a monthly dividend called GAS. Binance handles GAS distribution to all NEO holders as does Kucoin.

If you hold Stellar Lumens, did you know that you could be making interest on them? Just download the Stellar Desktop Client and then login to your wallet and click on wallet address. Then click on inflation destination and set vote to: You will get free XLM every Monday. Need some XLM to get started?

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