This page is about current airdrops, contests, bounty Cryptoprograms and other ways you can get free cryptocurrency and crypto related items.

Airdrop by High Performance Blockchain, already listed on OKEx. Earn points, convert to $HPB. High Performance Blockchain Airdrop

Airdrop by eosGAS, a new energy related coin. Follow steps and get 10,0000 coins (a $500 value). eosGAS Airdrop

Bounty/Contest by Zest Coin, a new PoS coin listed on Lots of ways to earn entries. Zest Coin Contest

Airdrop by Credits, a coin already listed on Kucoin. Join the ambassador program and earn Credits. Credits Airdrop

Airdrop by and, teaming up for this airdrop and contest. Get 10 BC coin with a chance to win 35,000. Airdrop

Bounty by RAYS Network, a new competitor to Ethereum and EOS. Referral bounty. RAYS Network Bounty

Airdrop by CraftR, a future platform for trading digital assets. 10 coins for signing up, complete tasks to earn more. CraftR Airdrop

Airdrop by, a new, global crypto exchange and wallet. Sign up and get 10 coins. Complete tasks to earn more. Airdrop

Contest by Coinomi, enter to win rewards for a $PIRL Masternode ($13,000) for a year. Coinomi PIRL Giveaway

Airdrop by Superbloom, a new airdrop and investment platform. Get 50 tokens for signing up. Tell your friends and earn more. Superbloom Airdrop

Bounty by JSEcoin, which is a Java Script Embeded cryptocurrency that you can mine in your browser. New expanded airdrop and bounty. Sign up with JSEcoin

Airdrop by Vidy, the first single-page invisible embed layer for video, run on the Ethereum blockchain. Complete social tasks and get 80 Vidy. Vidy Airdrop

Bounty by Starflow, a new company providing tools to social media influencers. Starflow Bounty

Bounty by Fragments, a new platform allowing people to earn crypto by completing micro-tasks. Lots of ways to earn. Fragments Bounty

Bounty by Deep Brain Chain, complete simple social tasks and earn DBC points. Deep Brain Chain Bounty

Contest/Bounty by, a new exchange out of Europe. Complete social tasks and earn points. 200 points or more gets you a prize. Bounty

Bounty by SHARDAX, a new exchange which gives you the ability to earn from proof-of-stake coins. Lots of ways to earn. SHARDAX Bounty. Also, join the SHARDAX Discord and keep an eye out for airdrops.

Bounty by A new exchange, coming soon. Refer your friends, earn comission. Bounty

Bounty by PIVX. Join the PIVX Fancorps and earn PIVX by completing simple social media tasks. PIVX Fancorps

Bounty by, a new exchange launching soon. Lots of prizes, top notch affiliate program. Bounty Program

Airdrop by Aelf, which is decentralized cloud computing. Lots of ways to earn. Aelf Airdrop

Bounty by Sign up, get verified and then answer messages and get paid in BTC. Sign up with

Bounty by Stock trading and (soon) cryptocurrency trading app with no fees. Sign up, get verified and get a free stock. Sign up with

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