This page is about current airdrops, contests, bounty programs and other ways you can get free cryptocurrency and crypto related items.

Check out for the best exchange to get forks and airdrops.

Airdrop by StockChain, the first decentralized quotation and exchange platform. Get 5 SCC for completing registration. StockChain Airdrop

Airdrop by BlockNetwork, revolutionizing the global on-demand labor network. Get an extra 30 coins (180 total) with this link: BlockNetwork Airdrop

Airdrop by Gluon, an automotive diagnostics and IOT plattform. Get 5 GLU for registering with Telegram bot. Gluon Airdrop

Contest by Deviant Coin, giving away 10,000 DEV, a $35,000 value. Deviant Coin Contest. You will need a DEV address to register. You can get one here: Stake United

Bounty by, a new decentralized exchange promising atomic swaps. Share with friends, earn commission. Bounty

Bounty by Appics, a next generation social media platform based on the Steem blockchain. Lots of ways to earn. Appics Bounty

Airdrop by Gladius, P2P DDOS protection and site acceleration utilizing unused bandwidth. Beta program, lots of ways to earn. Gladius Airdrop

Bounty by Synapse, next generation decentralized AI. Get 50 coins for signing up, refer friends and get 100 more. Synapse Bounty

Airdrop by Aelf, which is decentralized cloud computing. Lots of ways to earn. Aelf Airdrop

Bounty by Bithemoth, which is a new exchange with no fees. Refer friends and get rewards. Bithemoth Bounty

Airdrop by Cloud Moolah, which is a gaming platform that distributes both MOO coins and ETH via Telegram. Requires an ERC20 compatible wallet. Cloud Moolah Airdrop

Bounty by Brave which is giving away $1 million worth of Basic Attention Token (BAT) for trying out the browser. Brave Bounty

Bounty by Sign up, get verified and then answer messages and get paid in BTC. Sign up with

Bounty by Stock trading and (soon) cryptocurrency trading app with no fees. Sign up, get verified and get a free stock. Sign up with

Bounty by JSEcoin, which is a Java Script Embeded cryptocurrency that you can mine in your browser. Get 3.5 JSE per referral. Sign up with JSEcoin

Airdrop for the WCX trading platform, soon to offer micro fees. Get 50 free WCX for signing up. WCX Airdrop

Airdrop/Bounty for Geens, a privacy focused document storage and timestamp service. Get 50 coins for free. Geens NPO

Airdrop for Qoinpro, a micro-wallet that airdrops a variety of coins every day. Get free Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin and more. Sign up with Qoinpro

Want to participate in more bounty campaigns? Check out BountyGuru.

Looking for a hardware wallet? Check out Ledger.