Current airdrops, giveaways, contests, bounty programs and other ways you can get free cryptocurrency and crypto related items.

Airdrop by SeaCoin, an international investment group funding treasure recovery. Sign up with LA Token and use this Telegram bot for 50 free coins.

Contest by Crypto Economy, the crypto of the month is Waves. Enter to win. Crypto Economy Waves Contest

Contest by Zenzo and PIVX, a gaming platform and a privacy based cryptocurrency which are partnering on a new gaming ecosystem. Lots of ways to enter. Zenzo and PIVX Contest

Airdrop by Republic, which is launching a new crypto, The Note. Get 10 Notes for easy sign up, tell your friends to earn more. Republic Airdrop

Airdrop by Miracle Tele, complete simple social tasks and earn coins. Stack your coins and earn more. Miracle Tele Airdrop

Bounty by IOST, use your IOST to vote for as a node and get a share of our quarterly rewards. Vote for here.

Airdrop by, a decentralized cloud storage platform. Hold your free tokens and get free storage. Lots of ways to earn. Airdrop

Limited Airdrop by Coinbase Earn. Get up to $50 of XLM for watching a couple videos, answering a short quiz and telling your friends. USA only. Stellar Lumens Airdrop

Bounty by CoinBase Earn, sign up or sign in and learn about crypto, earn 0x, BAT and more. CoinBase Earn

Airdrop by Rally, download the app, complete tasks and get $60 worth of Rally. Rally Airdrop

Airdrop by Belacam, a new social media site where you get paid to post. Belacam Airdrop

Bounty by CoinDirect, an easy way to buy and sell cryptocurrency. Get up to 7 XRP for every friend you refer. CoinDirect Signup Bounty

Airdrop by BitcoinHex, a new form of Bitcoin that pays interest. Get 10,000 times the BTC that you hold. BitcoinHex Airdrop

Airdrop by Hxro, a new crypto trading game. Sign up for early access, get 100 $HXRO. Get 100 more for every friend you refer. Hxro Airdrop

Airdrop by Digitex Futures, a new crypto futures trading platform, giving away 6M DGTX tokens. Sign up for early access. Digitex Airdrop

Bounty by Ionomy, play games, win ION, tell your friends, earn rewards. Ionomy Bounty

Contest by PrimeXBT, a new leveraged trading platform. Giving away $1 million. PrimeXBT Giveaway

Airdrop by Coinchase, community based crowdfunding for blockchain. Get $20 for signing up, refer friends and earn rewards. Coinchase Airdrop

Airdrop by the Cash App, which you can use to buy Bitcoin. Try it out and get $5 free and $5 for every friend you refer! Enter reward code: PGJNPGP Get The Cash App

Bounty by Lolli, use the Lolli browser extension and earn Bitcoin when you shop at your favorite stores. Get $5 for trying. Get The Lolli Plugin

Airdrop by Brave, download the Brave Browser, click on the BAT symbol in the upper right, enable Brave payments, get 30 BAT. Brave Airdrop

Airdrop by Crex24 Exchange, sign up and use their simple faucets for free airdrops. Crex24 Daily Airdrops

Bounty by, a new exchange for proof-of-stake coins. Sign up and earn Bitcoin Green, get discounted fees and vote for coins you like. StakeBase Bounty

Airdrop by Aelf, which is decentralized cloud computing. Lots of ways to earn. Aelf Airdrop

Bounty by JSEcoin, which is a Java Script Embeded cryptocurrency that you can mine in your browser. New expanded airdrop and bounty. Sign up with JSEcoin

Bounty by Stock trading and (soon) cryptocurrency trading app with no fees. Sign up, get verified and get a free stock. Sign up with

Airdrop by Qoinpro, an internet wallet and app in development where you get free coins every day just for signing up. Qoinpro Website and App

Bounty by Ibotta. Not crypto, but this app is an easy way to get cash back on things you buy anyway. Get the Ibotta app.

Have a crypto related website? Use this faucet and get free advertising credits: Mellowads

Also, lots of exchanges give away free crypto in order to attract new customers. Make sure to visit our Trading and Exchanges page for more information.