This page is about current airdrops, contests, bounty Cryptoprograms and other ways you can get free cryptocurrency and crypto related items.

Airdrop by the Cash App, which you can use to buy Bitcoin. Try it out and get $5 free and $5 for every friend you refer! Get The Cash App

Airdrop by 1Node, a new masternode platform giving away $8000 worth of XON. 1Node Airdrop

Airdrop by Brave, download the Brave Browser, click on the BAT symbol in the upper right, enable Brave payments, get 30 BAT. Brave Airdrop

Airdrop by, a new online casino. Sign up, complete simple tasks, and get free BetKing tokens. BetKing Airdrop

Contest by, giving away $2500 USD worth of Altbet. Altbet Contest

Airdrop by Axioms, an automated airdrops platform. Sign up, complete simple social tasks, get free coins. Axioms Platform Airdrop

Airdrop by Cobinhood, a crypto exchange and app. Sign up, get tickets to spin the candy machine, win free coins. Cobinhood Airdrop

Airdrop by Abra, download the app, deposit $5 or convert currency, get $25 worth of BTC. Abra Airdrop

Airdrop by Crex24 Exchange, sign up and use their simple faucets for free airdrops. Crex24 Daily Airdrops

Contest by Uphold, get $10 for signing up and $10 for every verified referral. Uphold Contest

Contest by Digitex Futures, a new futures exchange with zero fees. Get $110 worth of DGTX. Digitex Referral Contest

Bounty by, a new exchange for proof-of-stake coins. Sign up and earn Bitcoin Green, get discounted fees and vote for coins you like. Bounty

Contest by, giving away $500,000 worth of tokens. Contest

Bounty by IOST Community Hub, login each day and earn IOST. IOST Community Hub

Airdrop by Miracle Tele, complete simple social tasks and earn coins. Stack your coins and earn more. Miracle Tele Airdrop

Airdrop by Aelf, which is decentralized cloud computing. Lots of ways to earn. Aelf Airdrop

Airdrop by, a new, global crypto exchange and wallet. Sign up and get 10 coins. Complete tasks to earn more. Airdrop

Bounty by JSEcoin, which is a Java Script Embeded cryptocurrency that you can mine in your browser. New expanded airdrop and bounty. Sign up with JSEcoin

Bounty by Fragments, a new platform allowing people to earn crypto by completing micro-tasks. Lots of ways to earn. Fragments Bounty

Bounty by Deep Brain Chain, complete simple social tasks and earn DBC points. Deep Brain Chain Bounty

Bounty by Attapoll. Download the app, take surveys, cash out in BTC or ETH. Download Attapoll App

Bounty by Sign up, get verified and then answer messages and get paid in BTC. Sign up with

Bounty by Stock trading and (soon) cryptocurrency trading app with no fees. Sign up, get verified and get a free stock. Sign up with

Airdrop by Qoinpro, an internet wallet and app in development where you get free coins every day just for signing up. Qoinpro Website and App

Bounty by Ibotta. Not crypto, but this app is an easy way to get cash back on things you buy anyway. Get the Ibotta app.