Using CryptoNinja

Using CryptoNinja to get free cryptocurrency is super easy. First you will need a CoinPot wallet and a CoinBase wallet (Note: Buy Bitcoin on CoinBase and get $10 free when you spend $100). Then simply click through the posts here and click on the blue links for each faucet. The faucet will open in a new window, you can claim your free Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin or other cryptocurrency, then close the window and move on to the next post. The best part is, we test regularly, so all these sites actually pay. Why not start now? You can earn some Bitcoin and have it in your wallet today! You see that ticker at the bottom of the screen? You can get every one of those coins for free if you follow the guides on this site.

Faucets Directory:
Page 1: Coinpot Wallet Faucets
Page 2: FaucetHub Wallet Faucets
Page 3: Exchange Related Faucets

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Make sure to check out the giveaways page for contests and airdrops and the mining page where you can start mining for free in minutes.